DeepSense 6G Workshop 2024 (virtual event)

The DeepSense Team will be hosting an interactive workshop that offers a detailed exploration of the DeepSense 6G dataset, illustrating its extensive applications across various AI/ML-enabled multi-modal sensing-aided wireless communication tasks. This event is designed as a hands-on, follow-along experience that will guide researchers to understand, navigate, and effectively employ the dataset in their own research directions. This experience will provide the tools and knowledge necessary to begin leveraging the rich insights and opportunities within the DeepSense 6G dataset for innovative research outcomes. Additionally, the workshop offers a unique platform to interact with the DeepSense 6G core team, posing questions and offering feedback for the dataset’s continuous enhancement. 


  • Introduction to DeepSense (30 minutes)
    • Overview of scenarios and testbeds
    • Overview of the data processing pipeline
  • Interactive Q&A Session (15 minutes)
    • Addressing participant queries
  • Practical Tutorial (30 minutes)
    • How to load the different data modalities
    • Techniques for visualizing the data
  • Follow-Along Example (1 hour)
    • Joint position-vision beam prediction (30 minutes)
    • A transfer learning application (30 minutes)
  • Total Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Preparing for the Workshop

Step 1. Getting Started:

  • Get familiarized with the data Data Collection testbeds and the different sensor modalities
  • Access and download a specific scenario from the Scenarios page, which will be the focus of the workshop.
  • Follow the Tutorials page, where we have provided Python-based codes to load and visualize the different data modalities
Step 2. Feedback and Interests: 
  • During registration, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on any issues you have encountered with DeepSense 6G data or scenarios.
  • Additionally, we welcome your input on which aspects of the workshop are of most interest to you and any other topics you would like to be included in the workshop.
Step 3. Technical Set-Up:
  • Upon completing your registration, an email will be sent to you containing a comprehensive task list. It’s essential to follow these steps to be adequately prepared for the hands-on nature of the workshop.
  • The task list will include detailed instructions for selecting and downloading the appropriate scenario, as well as setting up your Python environment. Ensuring these steps are completed beforehand is vital for a seamless and productive workshop experience.


Choose one of the sessions:


Registration Deadline:  4 days before each session!

Sessions 1 and 2 is now closed!


Ahmed Alkhateeb
Director, Wireless Intelligence Lab
João Morais
Ph.D. Student, Wireless Intelligence Lab
Gouranga Charan
Ph.D. Student, Wireless Intelligence Lab
Umut Demirhan
Ph.D. Student, Wireless Intelligence Lab
1675932640351 (another copy)
Marouan Mizmizi
Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano